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hed kandi - Swing City Miami (Friday)

Premiered August 24, 2007
DWI Extreme presents hed kandi - Swing City Miami (Friday)

Premiere Info

To celebrate its 3-year anniversary, DWI Extreme releases hed kandi - Swing City Miami (Friday), a very special simfile containing a 37-minute house music megamix to recapture the soulfulness of the second chapter of the series. Since this simfile is created based on personal interest of music genre, it does not follow the ordinary 6 week series releasing schedule.

Main Releasing Locations

DWI Extreme Official Website (dwiextreme.com)

Megamix Duration

36 minutes, 50 seconds

Download Size
DWI Extreme presents hed kandi - Swing City Miami (Friday) from DWIExtreme.com 37.5 MB
DWI Extreme presents hed kandi - Swing City Miami (Friday): R21 Version from DWIExtreme.com 13.7 MB
Song Title Artist BPM
DWI Extreme presents hed kandi - Swing City Miami (Friday)
Step 2 Me (Special Intro Version) Grant Nelson feat. Jean McClain 127
Aquela Esquina (Grant Nelson Club Mix) Negrocan 127
Viva L'Amore (Grant Nelson Remix & Ambassador's Tribus Cantare Cantarapella) Physics 63 ~ 127
The Only Way (Club Mix) Brian Tappert & Grant Nelson pres. The Soul City Experience feat. Vula 127
Waiting (Club Mix) Generous Flavour 127
There's Only You (M's Vox Mix) Indigo 127
Someday I Will (Supernova Thrust Mix) SK Radicals 63 ~ 127
Teus Olhos (Original Latin Session) Scientific Soul 127
Cada Vez (Grant Nelson Vocal Mix) Negrocan 63 ~ 127
En La Piscina (Tropical Mix) Mankz 127
Feels Like It's Better (Original 12" Version) Misled 63 ~ 127
Anytime (Grant Nelson Remix) Gregory Del Piero feat. LZ Love 63 ~ 127
The Sound Grant Nelson 127
It's Alright (Gee's Classic Club Mix) CeCe Rogers 127
Aquela Esquina (Outro) Negrocan 127

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