DWI Extreme Series
Frequently Asked Questions


How do I include R21 simfiles and play them on a ITG2 machine?

Once you have downloaded the R21 packs from the site and extract the zip files, simfiles should be placed in the "In The Groove 2/Songs" folder on your usb drive. In this you may create a group folder to keep your simfiles organized, but simfiles will not be in these group folders on the machine.

The following limitations exist:

When will the next series be released?

Transiting from the 6-8 week releasing schedule, beginning April 2012 with DWI Extreme L-1, each normal series is released in a 10-week basis, and each special series is released in a 12-week basis. Each series is released on the very first hour of the scheduled Sunday (Pacific Standard Time).

Why doesn't DWI Extreme release its series quicker?

The 6-week basis for normal series and 8-week basis for special series were carefully determined when DWI Extreme Series was first founded. Each normal series, with the exception of few early series, mostly contains 20 simfiles, which means for every six weeks, 20 simfiles are required to be made for a normal series; or in other words, 1 simfile is required to be made in 2.1 days. For special series (such as Glistening To Infinity, for example), because additional stepcharts for the "GTI CHL" difficulty are required to be made, 8-week basis is used.

Why does DWI Extreme only contain certain music genres for its simfiles?

The genres of DWI Extreme Series are becoming more diverse as the series continues. The genres of Hardcore, Trance, and Drum & Bass are gradually introduced into the series overtime. However, DWI Extreme Series still centers its genres around House music.

Why DWI Extreme still exists while majority of people prefer to use StepMania?

The title of this series has no relationship with the simulation programs people use in the simfile community. All simfiles in DWI Extreme Series are compatable with both Dance With Intensity and StepMania. To find out more about the origin of the title of DWI Extreme, please visit the History page.

Will DWI Extreme ever make keyboard steps for simfiles?

DWI Extreme Series was originally founded as a stepfile simfiles. However, the type of simfiles that are closest to keyboard steps are the ones from "Glistening To Infinity" series, which imitate the stepcharts from the video game In The Groove, and which can be downloaded under the Release section of this website.