DWI Extreme Series



Terrence (ddrmax9898)

Terrence (ddrmax9898)

The Boss. The Man. The Head Honcho. If Terrence doesn't okay it, you don't see it. Period. Fortunately that's not a big issue because Terrence is quite open to suggestion. Prefers to make things run smoothly rather than telling everyone "This is how it's going to be." As of today, with simfiles created for dancing-game companies for commercial purpose, Terrence has personally created more than 1200 simfiles.

Nick (nickdood)

Nick (nickdood)

Our man behind the scenes. Nick helps with song selection and quality control, testing the simfiles for synchronization before they are cleared for release, as well as offering suggestions regarding graphics and stepcharts.

James (Santiago22)

James (Santiago22)

James runs the website. If something doesn't look correct or work properly it's almost definitely his fault. He dabbles in stepchart creation, but knows where his strengths lie and thus tends to stick to website design and series promotion.

Retired Staff

Hayden (Tear)

Hayden (Tear)

The first person ever added to the DWI Extreme staff, Hayden is our most prolific stepchart creator besides Terrence himself. His contributions to the series have been mostly for the Konami Transplant genre, though some of his efforts have gone to DWI Extreme Original songs.

Or (Deeper Boy)

Or (DeeperBoy)

Or creates many of the Light and Standard steps, as well as editing songs to DWI Extreme-length versions. He also finds music for DWI Extreme, his contributions mainly consisting of club remixes.

Willie (250BPM)

Willie (250BPM)

Willie locates songs for use in DWI Extreme, and his contributions, mostly mainstream music, have been among the most-enjoyed songs in DWI Extreme.


Mike (Blue Mystic)

Mike contributed one song each to DWI Extreme V and DWI Extreme VII, both of them Konami Transplant songs originating from Beatmania 5th Mix.

Danny (spinthedisc)

Danny, the creator of another simfile series called Blue Style, contributed three Blue Style songs and one unreleased Blue Style song for DWI Extreme VIII, showing his varied musical tastes with no two songs originating from the same source. Then after exactly ten normal series, another song has been contributed under the category "From Blue Style Original."

Ruben (ninzaburo)

Ruben has invited DWI Extreme Series to include the songs in a machine at Norwalk, California. After permission has been received, 19 released series and 5 unreleased songs were launched in the arcade.

James (jAAAmes)

James has re-synchronized all the songs from DWI Extreme Series before they are premiered in the machine at Norwalk, California. He has also helped to correct all the releasing errors that were found during the premiere. Anaheim, California is the second releasing location.

Nick (shortysnmn2010)

Nick, the founder of another series called Albumix, has contributed three songs for DWI Extreme X-7 to be pre-released. In return, three songs from DWI Extreme X-8 were pre-released in Albumix as well.

Geoff Klassen (GeoffNET)

As a celebration of the DWI Extreme's 5th-year anniversary on June 24, 2009, Geoff Klassen has spent a great amount of time to prepare and contribute the double stepcharts for DWI Extreme - Glistening To Infinity. This makes DWI Extreme - Glistening To Infinity being the first re-released series with double stepcharts in the entire DWI Extreme history.