DWI Extreme Series

The Beginning

The Beginning The name DWI Extreme Series was named based on the sequel of Dance Dance Revolution, DDR Extreme, and a Dance Dance Revolution computer simulator, Dance With Intensity.

DWI Extreme Series, founded by Terrence (ddrmax9898, TFAD), was started on June 24, 2004 with a group of released simfiles for Dance With Intensity and StepMania. Although these included simfiles were created two years before the series was founded, they were considered as new simfiles and were organized into two separated series which were released at the same time. Depending on the general origins of the songs, they are placed under different categories.

The Series and the Songs

The Series and the Songs Each series, with the exception of the early series, contains an average of twenty simfiles from different genres of electronic music, mainly House and Trance music. As the series continues over the years, different electronic genres such as Hardcore, Drum & Bass, and even Smooth Jazz were also introduced into the series, which bring players to another side of non-mainstream music. Every ninth normal series in each chapter, a mini series is included to dedicate to a particular music artist.

Series are divided into two types: Normal Series and Special Series. Each chapter of series contains ten normal series, titled chronologically in their own unique way. The first chapter is numbered in Roman Numeral; the second chapter is numbered beginning with the letter X (which stands for the number 10 in Roman Numeral); the third chapter is numbered beginning with the letter S (which stands for the word "score"); the fourth chapter is numbered beginning with the letter T (which stands for the word "thirty"); and the fifth chapter is numbered beginning with the letter F (which stands for the word "forty").

After the release of the tenth series in each chapter, the special series "The Greatest Hits" is created to dedicate its history and success over the years with a great number of fans who have enjoyed the simfiles. It contains some popular simfiles from the past, this time in remake versions, for players to re-experience in a different perspective. Following that, the special series "Glistening To Infinity," GTI for short, is created to follow the trend of a legendary video game titled In The Groove.

The Simfile Creators

The Simfile Creators It was Terrence, the founder of DWI Extreme Series, who created most of the simfiles for the entire series until the appearance of what is now known to be the retired staff members Hayden (Tear), Or (Deeper Boy), and Willie (250BPM). Their efforts on the stepcharts and graphics has embroidered the series in a unique, exclusive style.

James (Santiago22) and Or (DeeperBoy) have also historical helped in the series to expand the variety of stepcharts and songs. On top of that, other series and organization such as Albumix, BemaniMania, and DDR Club at University of Missouri Kansas City have contributed efforts and promotion to DWI Extreme Series.

The Support / Commercial Simfile

The Support Since the beginning of DWI Extreme Series, the series was first hosted on two historical websites Bemani Fever and Rebirth Bemani for players to download, the series was also promoted in other simfile community forums to let others know about the existence of DWI Extreme Series.

On December 2, 2004 DWI Extreme Series created the DWI Extreme Series LiveJournal Community for LiveJournal and anonymous users to check the update and song previews of each upcoming series. One month before the release of each new series, "Premiere Information" for the upcoming series will be released, which is followed by a period of "Song Introductions" for simfiles that will be included in the new series.

With the additional support from the fans and from other simfile creators, the series finally has its own official website, DWIExtreme.com, launched on December 4, 2005. A DWI Extreme Facebook Page was also launched on May 17, 2011 to expand its promotion.

In recent years beginning 2008, DWI Extreme has been collaborating with commercial dancing-game companies, taking DWI Extreme to the next professional level!