DWI Extreme Series
Featured Artist: Groove That Soul


GTS is the house music unit consisting of three men: Gee, Turbo, and Satoshi Hidaka. This band, which had their 10th anniversary in 2005, has improved along with Japanese club music scene, and now their playground is global from the US, Ibiza (mecca for clubbing) to Asia.

They were formed as a band under the concept "Groove That Soul" in 1995. They mainly create house music by putting the soul diva"Melodie Sexton together with different guest vocalists for each song. They became known amongst clubbers worldwide.

GTS's house groove is the mixture of soulful and melodious songs, good selection for songs to cover, and groove sense which they built through DJing. The finest dance sound they create reaches way beyond Japan and finds its followers not only amongst clubbers but also amongst other music listeners who are showing a lot of support for this creative group.

(Source: Groove That Soul)


DWI Extreme Discography

Song Title Artist Release
Calling (Groove That Soul Mix) Nitro DWI Extreme S-5
Everlasting Love (GTS Extended Club Mix) GTS feat. mink DWI Extreme S-4
Koi no Dance Site (Groove That Soul Remix) Morning Musume DWI Extreme S-3
vogue (Groove That Soul Mix) Ayumi Hamasaki The Greatest Hits 2
Le Freak GTS Feat. Norma Jean & Luci Martin DWI Extreme X-8
SHINE IN MY LIFE (DUB'S BEAUTIFUL REMIX) GTS feat. Melodie Sexton & m-flo DWI Extreme X-6
Brand New World (DJ-Turbo Raise Your Hands Up Mix) GTS feat. Melodie Sexton DWI Extreme III
Brand New World (Hex Hector Club Mix) GTS feat. Melodie Sexton DWI Extreme III

*Reprised version; not an actual song