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Featured Artist: StoneBridge


StoneBridge had his first DJ experience in the mid 80's at a graduation party and soon after found DJ'ing a consuming passion and as a result started his own night called Fellini in Stockholm. Alongside four other DJ's he established the remix service and label SweMix and with the reputation spreading throughout Europe, StoneBridge soon began international remixing for artists like De La Soul, Rebel MC and Titiyo.

After years of solid remixing, StoneBridge reinvented himself as a DJ and Producer in the late 90's, and by setting up his Stoney Boy Music label he presented a more club based sound. As a remixer in demand and renowned for his sexy pumping house, StoneBridge is always associated with hot artists, and criss-crossing the world travelling to places such as San Francisco via London to Australia.

StoneBridge's label Stoney Boy Music, recently signed to Armada Music for worldwide distribution, has a string of releases lined up in the near future.

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DWI Extreme Discography

Song Title Artist Release
I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (StoneBridge Radio Edit) Leana DWI Extreme F-10
Close To Heaven (Radio Version) StoneBridge DWI Extreme T-3
What You Do (StoneBridge 'Playing With Stones' Remix) Big Bass vs. Michelle Narine The Greatest Hits 3
What You Do (Garage Mix) Big Bass vs. Michelle Narine The Greatest Hits 2
Gotta Give It Up (Klub Mix) StoneBridge (feat. Kenny Thomas) DWI Extreme X-7
Gotta Give It Up StoneBridge (feat. Kenny Thomas) DWI Extreme X-6
Freak On StoneBridge vs. Ultra Nat Glistening To Infinity 2
Latin Session (Asi-Asi) (Mixmaster & StoneBridge Drum Dub)* Mixmaster featuring Isabel Fructuoso Glistening To Infinity 2
I Want Your Love (StoneBridge Remix) Chic DWI Extreme X-3
And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going (StoneBridge Mix) Donna Giles DWI Extreme X-2
Show You How StoneBridge (feat. Julie Morrison and Jay Soul) DWI Extreme X-2
Clorophilla (Put A Little Love) (T&F Moltosugo Mix) StoneBridge (feat. Isabel Fructuoso) DWI Extreme X-1
Give A Little StoneBridge (feat. Rita Campbell) DWI Extreme X-1
Clorophilla (Put A Little Love) StoneBridge (feat. Isabel Fructuoso) Glistening To Infinity
Just Can't Wait (Saturday) (StoneBridge Club Mix) 100% ft. Jennifer John Glistening To Infinity
Take Me Away StoneBridge (feat. Therese) Glistening To Infinity

*Reprised version; not an actual song