DWI Extreme Series
Featured Artist: Soul Seekerz


Soul Seekerz are Julian Napolitano, Simon Langford and Andrew Galea, who have each had their own UK Top 20 successes in the past. They formed Soul Seekerz in 2005 as a "collective" of DJs and producers, each with their own unique abilities and insights and contribution to make to the unique sound.

Whilst not every member will work on any given production, they feel it is the different influences within the "collective" that give Soul Seekerz their particular sound and allow them to develop over time.


DWI Extreme Discography

Song Title Artist Release
Daddy-O (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit) WIDEBOYS feat. Shaznay Lewis DWI Extreme F-6
Dirty Funk (Soul Seekerz Radio Remix) Steve Appleton Glistening To Infinity 8
Party People (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit) Far Out Productions feat. Kimberley Roberts Glistening To Infinity 7
6 Of 1 Thing (Soul Seekerz Remix) CRAIG DAVID Glistening To Infinity 6
Lovelight (Soul Seekerz Vocal Mix) ROBBIE WILLIAMS DWI Extreme T-3
Get It On (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit) Eyereel Allstars feat. Lucy Clarke DWI Extreme T-1
Wannabe (Soul Seekerz Piano Edit) Spice Girls The Greatest Hits 3
Home (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit) Westlife DWI Extreme S-10
Inconsolable (Soul Seekerz Radio Edit) BACKSTREET BOYS DWI Extreme S-8
Ends of the Earth (Soul Seekerz Dub) SUN DWI Extreme X-7
Ends of the Earth (Soul Seekerz Remix) SUN DWI Extreme X-6

*Reprised version; not an actual song