DWI Extreme Series
Featured Artist: Love To Infinity


Love To Infinity, with brothers Andy Lee, Dave Lee, and Pete Lee as the main producers and remixers, have remixed songs into romantic rhythms for a wealth of mainstream pop artists, including Shania Twain, Cher, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Will Smith, Simply Red, Aqua, and others. They have produced official remixes of a string of mainstream UK pop hits, including at least 6 UK #1 smash hits. For certain remixes, Love To Infinity is under another alias M*A*S*H.

Love To Infinity also produced numbers of singles featuring the main vocal artists Ashley Jade, Andrea Anatola, Gina G, Hannah Alethea, and Charlotte Day. All of them are known under the alias Soda Club.


DWI Extreme Discography

Song Title Artist Release
Party All Night (Love To Infinity Radio Edit) Mytown DWI Extreme L-4
The Way You Love Me (Love To Infinity Radio Edit) FAITH HILL DWI Extreme F-10
When I Lost You (M*A*S*H Master Mix) Sarah Whatmore DWI Extreme F-8
Prove Your Love (Love To Infinity Classic Club Mix) Belle Air feat. Carley Callaghan DWI Extreme F-7
Take Me Away (Love To Infinity Edit) D:REAM DWI Extreme F-6
it's your love (Love To Infinity Radio Mix) she moves Glistening To Infinity 8
(Sex U Up) The Way You Like It (Love To Infinity Radio Edit) LFO DWI Extreme F-5
Be Free (Love To Infinity Radio Mix) kaatchi DWI Extreme F-4
9 To 5 (Love To Infinity Radio Mix) Dolly Parton DWI Extreme F-3
I Want To Know What Love Is (Love To Infinity Radio Edit) Mariah Carey DWI Extreme F-2
Let's Get Started (Love To Infinity Classic Paradise Mix) All Saints DWI Extreme F-1
They Don't Care About Us (Love To Infinity's Classic Paradise Mix) Michael Jackson Glistening To Infinity 7
Echo (Love To Infinity Radio Edit) GIRLS CAN'T CATCH The Greatest Hits 4
Someday (Love To Infinity Piano Anthem Radio Mix) Soda Club feat. Andrea Anatola DWI Extreme T-10
Let Me Back (Love To Infinity Club Mix) ZARIF DWI Extreme T-9
Baby (Love To Infinity's Classic Paradise Mix) Rozalla DWI Extreme T-8
A Beautiful Life (Love To Infinity Radio Edit) Jody Watley DWI Extreme T-7
The Boss (Love To Infinity Radio Edit) Kristine W DWI Extreme T-6
Here I Am (Love To Infinity UK Club) MATT ZARLEY Glistening To Infinity 6
Keep Love Together (Radio Edit) Love To Infinity feat. Kelly Llorenna DWI Extreme T-5
Worked Up! (Love To Infinity's UK Radio Edit) Brian Anthony DWI Extreme T-4
Why'd You Lie To Me (M*A*S*H Master Mix) anastacia DWI Extreme T-3
All I Am Is You (M*A*S*H Master Mix) The Balsamo Project DWI Extreme T-2
ALL THIS LOVE (Love To Infinity Radio Mix) THE SIMILOU DWI Extreme S-8
Tor-Cheney-Nahana (Love To Infinity Survival Mix) Sacred Spirit DWI Extreme S-6
Boom (M*A*S*H Master Mix) anastacia Glistening To Infinity 4
She Moves (La La La) (Love To Infinity Master Mix) karaja DWI Extreme S-4
Life Goes On (M*A*S*H Mix) LeANN RIMES DWI Extreme S-3
It's OK! (M*A*S*H Radio Mix) ATOMIC KITTEN DWI Extreme S-2
Love Hurts (Love To Infinity 12" Mix) sirens DWI Extreme S-2
Love Hurts (M*A*S*H Radio Mix) sirens DWI Extreme S-1
L-L-Lies (Love To Infinity's Double Deception Mix) Diana KING Glistening To Infinity 3
And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going (Love To Infinity Radio Edit) Rowetta The Greatest Hits 2
i must be free (Love To Infinity's Classic Paradise Mix) kym sims DWI Extreme X-10
Relight My Fire (Love To Infinity Remix) Take That featuring Lulu DWI Extreme X-9
Before (Love To Infinity Classic Paradise Mix) Pet Shop Boys DWI Extreme X-8
Sugar Daddy (Love To Infinity Classic Mix) Yerba Buena DWI Extreme X-7
True (Love To Infinity True Funk Mix) Spandau Ballet DWI Extreme X-6
Baby Baby (Love To Infinity Classic Master Mix) Ashanti Glistening To Infinity 2
Good Morning Sunshine (Love To Infinity's Master Mix) AQUA Glistening To Infinity 2
Love To Infinity Megamix Whitney Houston DWI Extreme X-5
Negotiate With Love (Love To Infinity Club Mix) Rachel Stevens DWI Extreme X-4
Perfect Love (Love To Infinity Club Mix) Simply Red DWI Extreme X-3
The Consequences of Falling (Love To Infinity Master Mix) k.d. lang DWI Extreme X-2
Turn Back Time (Love To Infinity's Classic Radio Mix) AQUA Glistening To Infinity
Sunrise (Love To Infinity Classic Mix) Simply Red The Greatest Hits
Cartoon Heroes (Love To Infinity Classic Radio Mix) AQUA DWI Extreme X
Dreaming (LTI Radio Edit) Aurora DWI Extreme X
Got To Be Real (Love To Infinity Mix) Cheryl Lynn DWI Extreme X
Naughty Girl (Feeling Love Remix) Beyonce DWI Extreme X
Solo (Love To Infinity Master Mix) Alsou DWI Extreme X
We Belong To The Sea (Love To Infinity Mix) AQUA DWI Extreme X
You've Got A Way (Love To Infinity Soul Classic) Shania Twain DWI Extreme X

*Reprised version; not an actual song