DWI Extreme Series
Featured Artist: Eric Kupper


Eric Kupper got his start over a decade ago working as a keyboardist for such producer and remixers as David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Justin Strauss, Arthur Baker, Peter Rauhofer, and Richie Jones to name a few. Since 1989 he has played on, remixed, and produced over 1000 records for artists spanning all contemporary musical genres. He is one of the few artists in dance music today that is a master multi-instrumentalist. A true musician. Over the years, thousands and thousands of hours in the studio has polished Eric Kupper into one of the most sought after producers, remixers, and musicians in the world.

Much of Kupper's massive discography is derived from his work as a studio musician and a remixer. During the early to mid-ninties Eric was a staple musician along with Satoshi Tomie with the NYC's Def Mix Crew.

One of Eric's more recent ventures is his label Hysteria Records. Manufactured and distributed in the United Kingdom, Hysteria Records is dedicated simply to quality house music, both vocal and instrumental.

(Source: Hysteria Underground)


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DWI Extreme Discography

Song Title Artist Release
Gimme Gimme (Disco Shimmy) (EX Reprise)* Frankie Knuckles feat. Niki Richards & Frankie Knuckles The Greatest Hits 3
Fergalicious (TFAD EK Club Mix Edit)* Fergie feat. Will.I.Am DWI Extreme S-4
Gimme Gimme (Disco Shimmy) Frankie Knuckles feat. Niki Richards & Frankie Knuckles DWI Extreme S-1
Ends of the Earth (Eric Kupper Radio Edit) SUN The Greatest Hits 2
Stars Above Us (Eric Kupper Radio Mix) saint etienne DWI Extreme X-9
Haven't You Heard (Eric Kupper's Believe In The Magic Remix) Fac 15 feat. Cathi Ogden DWI Extreme X-8
Above The Clouds (Eric Kupper Remix) Amber DWI Extreme X-7
JOY (Eric Kupper Club Mix) YUKI DWI Extreme X-6
She Got Me On (Eric Kupper Remix) Paul Johnson Glistening To Infinity 2
Pink Is The Colour (Kupper's Heavenly Disco Mix) K&M ft. Joy DWI Extreme X-5
Sad Eyes (Eric Kupper Club Mix) Enrique Iglesias DWI Extreme X-4
Hunter (FK-EK Vocal Mix) Dido DWI Extreme X-2
Shake (Eric Kupper Club Mix) DOUBLE DWI Extreme X-2
Boogie (Eric Kupper Mix) THE BRAND NEW HEAVIES Glistening To Infinity

*Reprised version; not an actual song